Saturday, 23 June 2012

Criminal Justice Matters: Sport and Harm

    CJM no88.  Contents below.  I'll be commenting on some/much in next few weeks.

    Sport and harm
    Peter Francis introduces the themed content for this issue
    The malignancy of sport
    Ellis Cashmore argues that, for all its apparent innocuousness,sport is a harmful presence in society
    Sport in the service of international development
    Tess Kay considers what sports-based interventions to promote change, development and peace have to learn from the wider field of international development
    Major sport events and global threats/responses
    Kimberly S Schimmel examines the intensification of security measures for major sporting events and why these developments have largely not been publically challenged
    (In)security and the re-ordered Olympic city
    Pete Fussey explores some key issues around Olympic-related security and insecurity
    Going down? Football finance in the global era
    John Williams looks at the changing face of football finance and offers some hope to those who see themselves as genuine supporters of the game
    Paying the price? Why football still has a problem
    Mike Rowe and Jon Garland assess the ongoing presence of racism in football
    Sports journalists and corruption: between unintended and wilful blindness
    Dino Numerato provides an account of the unintended and wilful ways in which journalists might contribute to the diffusion of corruption in contemporary sport

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